Course Schedule

Using this schedule

All the readings, responses, and assignments listed on the schedule should be completed before class on the day they are listed. For example, by class time on the Monday, 9/9, you should have read all the texts listed under Read, posted your response to the class discussion board, and you should have completed and submitted the introductory reflection.

Click on a class day to see all of the readings and assignments for that day. Follow the links to the readings and assignments, and click on the buttons for descriptions of the different tasks and advice for how to approach them.

Unit I: Defining the Terms
Read Morgan Marietta and David C. Barker, One Nation, Two Realities: Dueling Facts in American Democracy, “Preface” and “Introduction: Truth and Trust,” xi-18
Mike Caulfield, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, How Digipo Defines a 'Fact'"
"Fact Check: Did a Restaurant Near the Red Hen Threaten to Burn All MAGA Hats?" Washington Examiner
Respond What are the facts?
Turn in Introductory self-assessment
Read They Say/I Say, "Reading for Conversation," 176-186
Casey Boyle, "... something like a reading ethics..."
Peter Elbow, "Ranking, Evaluating, Liking: Sorting Out Three Forms of Judgment"
Read Marietta and Barker, "What Smarter People Have Said About Facts," 21-44
They Say/I Say, "The Art of Summarizing" and "The Art of Quoting," 30-42
Respond Summarizing epistemology
Read Crowley, Toward a Civil Discourse, "Commonplaces," 70-75
Marietta and Barker, "The Psychology of Fact Perceptions II: Value Projection," 93-106
Respond Spotting commonplaces
Read They Say/I Say, "Saying Why It Matters" and "Connecting the Parts," 91-116
Turn in Paper I (due by 5 PM)
Read Stephen Harrison, "The Internet's Dizzying Citogenesis Problem," Slate
Broadview Guide to Writing, 394-403 and 573-598
Respond Citation judgement-free zone
Read Broadview Guide to Writing, 101-102 and 559-570
They Say/I Say, "Entering Online Conversations," 166-175
Gretchen McCulloch, "Typographical Tone of Voice," Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language
Unit II: Confronting Dissonance
Read Marietta and Barker, "Your Facts or Mine?"," 73-92
Elizabeth Kolbert, "Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds," New Yorker
Michael Hobbes, "Everything We Know About Obesity is Wrong," Huffington Post Highline
Respond Changing your mind
Read Marietta and Barker, "Polarized Leaders vs. Polarized Values," 107-138
Kate Wagner, "Don't Let People Enjoy Things," The Baffler
David Benatar, "Kids? Just say no,"Aeon
Turn in Paper I revision
Read Everything's An Argument, "Rhetorical Analysis"
Alfie Kohn, "Why Can't Everyone Get A's?" New York Times
Review Paper II Assignment
Respond Paper II muddiest point
Read Broadview Guide to Writing, 147, 163-170, 186-214
Respond Paper II progress update
Unit III: Evaluating Information
Read Broadview Guide to Writing, 16-29
Danielle Elliot, "Drink to Your Health, Eater
Respond What are your information needs?
Read Play the Fake News Game
Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers, everything we haven't already read (don't worry, the chapters are all super short)
Respond Answering your questions
Turn in Paper II revision due
Read Marietta and Barker, "Sacred Values and Sacred Facts"
Lili Loofbourow, "Why Society Goes Easy on Rapists," Slate
Review the Paper III assignment
Respond Paper III muddiest point
Read Marietta and Baker, "Disdain and Disengagement"
Jessica Crispin, "Beyond Goop and Evil," The Baffler
Respond Authority, epistemology, and you
Read Marietta and Barker, "Fact-Checking as a Potential Solution" and "Citizen Responses to Fact-Checking
The Wellness Way, "6 Research-Based Reasons to Skip the HPV Vaccine"
Living Whole, The HPV Vaccine: What You Need to Know"
Turn in Paper III due
Read Broadview Guide to Writing, 80-91
Respond Diagnosing wordiness
Read Broadview Guide to Writing, 102-103
Unit IV: Changing minds
Read Marietta and Barker, "Political Knowledge and Fractured Perceptions: Education Is Not the Answer," 201-226
Respond Failing to persuade
Read Marietta and Barker, "Conclusion, Facts and Values, Knowledge and Democracy," 283-296
Eliza Mackintosh, "Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it's learned may be crucial to Western democracy," CNN
Jared Keller, "Is a Conspiracy Theory Protected Speech?", Pacific Standard
Respond Is a conspiracy theory protected speech?
Read The reading Group 3 selects will be posted here
Respond Group 3 argument response
Read The reading Group 4 selects will be posted here
Respond Group 4 argument response
Read The reading Group 4 selects will be posted here
Respond Group 5 argument response